Steve Thomas speaks on a variety of topics surrounding leadership, people and team. You won't find a cookie-cutter content, either. He offers tailor-made sessions for any type of organization. With Steve, you can expect a conversational style that's fun, engaging, and gets your creative wheels turning.

Popular topics include:


  • Overview of leadership…what it is and what it isn’t

  • What works in leadership and what doesn't

  • Lessons on leadership and why some of your leadership beliefs may be holding you back

  • Leading people who are different than me and just plain weird

  • Is it my responsibility to lead when I don’t have a title, badge or special offices?

  • How to create a thriving culture: What is looks like & how to get there

  • Stewarding your influence to accomplish your goal with people

  • How to get "unstuck" and be more of who you were designed to be

  • Everyone leads from somewhere! Where are you leading from?


  • A better understanding of people why they are the way they are

  • Why people are so goofy?

  • 5 things that make us different and how they matter at work

  • Discussion on those differences using a simple personality assessment

  • Where is my default people mode set?

  • How do I fundamentally see people?

  • My perception of people and how it affects everything


  • What team is and what is not

  • Effective ways to function as a team

  • Foundations that have to be in place for a team to be a team

  • Characteristics of effective teams

  • Understanding my role on the team and why it matters

  • How a team gets “unstuck” to accomplish its mission

  • What intentional positive contribution looks like in your organization

  • Why Mannheim Steamroller is the epitome of an effective team

What is the goal for a series of sessions?

+  For each team member to understand their role in leadership and make positive contribution to the team and organization

+  Better connection within the organization, especially between formal leaders and team members

+  Make better people, therefore, better leaders, therefore, better teams, therefore, better organizations

+  A better understanding of each person on the team and what they have have to offer

+  For each person to better understand their own strengths, personalities, and individual gifts

+  Heightened levels of communication from people within the organization

+  Improved confidence of every team member and, therefore, improved confidence of the whole team

+  For each team member to take responsibility for creating culture in which people can come to work and be the best version of themselves

+  Increased productivity due to improved culture and team work


Session Styles

All sessions are structured to meet your team’s time frame, schedule and needs. A determination will be made as to what is the best for your organization. Whether that be whole team sessions, split sessions (when the whole team cannot be there at the same time), sessions with just the formal leadership team or one on one sessions. Also, how many sessions will be determined based on the goals of the organization.

Give Day

When you book a day or series of days, you will have a day that you can donate to an under-resourced organization who wants to leadership and team development. That day will be sponsored by you. Steve Thomas facilitates the day based on their desires and needs at no cost except expenses! More questions? Get in touch with Steve.