"leadership development matters. . . and it's all leadership!"

Steve Thomas speaks about many things. A few of his

most popular topics:



     Leadership in its simplest form is influence. Everyone influences someone; not just the people at the top. When everyone in the organization sees themselves as a leader, cool things begin to happen. People take ownership, people begin to coach each other, people begin to make decisions and they use their creativity to produce results. When leadership is not developed at every level of the organization, people don’t perform at their highest level. The goal of leadership is to create a culture in which people can come to work and be the best version of themselves. Is that happening in your organization? Is everyone taking responsibility to steward their influence in positive way? Leadership development matters…and it’s all leadership!



     There is no question there are people you work with that are weird! And they are thinking the same thing about you. You know what? They are right. We are all weird in our own way. We think differently, we have different stories, we have different styles, we have different experiences and we were all raised differently. And now, all that “difference” or weirdness is showing up every day when we do work together. How’s that going? Do you understand the people you work with? Do you know what makes them tick? Or is it just easier to stay disconnected and do your own thing? If I am going to make a positive influence, I need to know those things. People development matters, and no matter where you go…there are people. Better people make better organizations!



     Fully functioning effective teams don’t just happen, they are built. Teams, like people, can get stuck. And when they do, work is no fun anymore. But, when team is “on”, work can be a fun place to be. Not to mention that productivity goes up and we are more effective as an organization. Does your team take intentional time to connect? Are there high levels of trust and understanding and accountability on your team? Do you have team members that are making unintentional negative contribution or is everyone making intentional positive contribution? And, does the team know the difference? Are you functioning as a team or a group of people? Team development matters. It is what makes organizations effective and fun!