[About Steve]

Steve Thomas loves people– and he loves seeing them thrive. He has worked in leadership development for more than 30 years. Today, he lives in Springfield, Illinois and travels the U.S. leading powerful discussions that help people and organizations grow and improve vigorously.

When he's not speaking to a group, you'll find Steve coaching high school athletes that champions are made both on and off the field. His non-profit, Real-Champion Sports, offers leadership and character development training for coaches and athletes that goes far beyond the game.

So, the next time your staff, company, event, church (or even just you) needs a boost of inspiration and new insights to life and leadership...get in touch!


What others are saying about Steve

Steve Thomas has worked with the O’Shea team for several years. His impact on our organization is of great value, and I recommend him as a resource for organizations that are looking to improve and thrive.
— Mike O'Shea, Harold O'Shea Builders
I attend many training sessions and I must say, I am most impressed with your training style. The
administrators had rave reviews for you and they felt it not only helped them on the job, but in their
personal lives as well. Thank you.
— DB, Peoria, IL
Steve was great! Personable, passionate, authentic. Our culture has improved by an easy 75% by using
the ideas he shared.
— CS, Nashville, TN
I was able to take the Default People Mode process and apply it to work and to my family life. It has
changed the way I see people and lead people. Thank you so much!
— KC, Tehachapi, CA
Another training day was the last thing I wanted to sit through. Now, I can’t wait until the next time you
come to our company. The stuff you shared was so practical and engaging. You really challenged me to
think. That session has changed my perspective on leadership and the way I see people. Our team is
doing so much better in so many ways. We will keep doing these team sessions because it makes a huge
difference. Thanks again.
— DM, Chicago, IL
He doesn’t suck to listen to.
— KT, Zara's Collision Center